Soil Classification Symbols

A        Sand/Rock, good for foundations, however problems may be encountered wth site excavation
          and trenched  etc.

S        Stable site - generally the lightest footing design is applicable.

M        Moderatley Reactive. The majority of clay sites fall into this category.

H        Highly reactive clay sites requiring heavier than normal footing designs. Most "Black Soil" areas are at least
           a "H" class soil.

E        Extremely Reactive clay sites. These are not common, however results in very expensive  footings.
P        Problem Site. This may be Mine Subsidence, uncontrolled or controlled fill greater than 400mm in depth,
          landslips, or soft bearings/collapsing soils and trees near the construction  area.

D        A  sub-classification had been introdiced to indicate deep seated movement. The sub-classification is required
           for reactive sites, classes M, H and E and is symbolised by the addition of D. The full classification for these
           areas would simply be M-D, H-E or E-D.