How to Compare Shed Quotes?

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Are you getting more than one shed quote?
Is your shed going to cost you a lot of money?
Does every one tell you that their shed is the best?
Do you know a lot about sheds or garages?

Chances are that you answered YES, YES, YES, NO.
Heres a few simple measures that you can take, if your buying a shed, which may save you a lot of money or at least give you the confidence to know that you are making a good decision.
If you've gone out and gotten several shed quotes it's important that you can work out why one may be cheaper, or cost more that another.

RULE NO. 1:                

Make sure that the details on all of your shed quotes are exactly the same.

Read the quotes carefully - dont just look at the price and the picture!

E.g.        Don't think that 1/2 a metre or so in size won't make much difference in price - it will!        
       Make sure that the shed is identicle in size and layout

       Make sure that things like the Roller Doors are all the same size, type and in the same spot.
       Make sure that it is a delivered price if that's what you asked for.

       Are the Bay Spacings the same?



Look at the Wind Speed that the Shed was quoted for.
This should be clearly written in Meters Per Second.

E.g. "Site Wind Speed is 51ms-1"

A few metres per second makes a huge difference because the scale is exponential.

Ask Questions

If your not sure about something, ring the shed company and just ask them. For example, your shed is $5000 dearer that XYZ Company, perhaps their is a good reason why? or Can you please change you quote for me so that it has the same inclusions as the other shed quotes that I have?

Nothing should be too much trouble for a reputable dealer. The only dumb questions are the ones that you don't ask.


Look at the materials you are getting and try to compare them as best you can

A reputable supplier is happy to give you a "material specification" on your quoted shed.

This is a list of materials that your shed is made out of. If you dont understand it just ask your salesperson to explain it to you. Or if you have a friend who knows about this stuff why not enlist their help before making your decision?

Some less reputable shed suppliers will ask for a deposit before they tell you what your shed is to be made out of. This is because they know that their frame member sizes are lighter. At the end of the day you are buying thousands of dollars worth of steel so make sure you undersand what your buying.


If you're still not sure, someone else may have done the work for you!

To help shed buyers get a properly designed shed, the Australian Steel Institute issues ShedSafe accreditation to suppliers that submit their engineering for scrutineering by their panel of engineers.

You are more likely to get a properly designed shed if you choose one from a ShedSafe accredited dealer.

Many government bodies are now insisting on only using ShedSafe accredited suppliers.

The experts at the Australian Steel Instutute have already had a good look at the shed companies plans and said yay or nay to them so why not take advantage of the free service?