Dinky Di Sheds have now gained the highest accreditation in the Australian Shed Industry:

At its core, ShedSafe is about our commitment to provide sheds that are designed compliant to the Building Code of Australia. There are a lot of manufacturers and resellers out there who aren't committed to that standard, so it is an important point of difference.
We're ShedSafe Accredited.
Our ShedSafe accreditation reflects our commitment to supply sheds that are designed to the Building Code of Australia.
Designing to the Code helps protect your shed, its contents and the safety of people near it.
The Code demands that sheds are built to weather all but the most unlikely wind speeds anticipated on the site it is built on.
Complying with the Code, accredited ShedSafe sellers consider a range of risk-factors. These risk-factors influence the maximum wind speed and pressure the Code demands your shed must withstand. They include:
  • The region it is built in and the risk of cyclones
  • The surrounding terrain and topography
  • Any nearby shielding
  • The final use of the shed
  • The model shed you're after, including any alterations and additions

As a ShedSafe distributer we consider all these factors and stay abreast of changes to the Code.
As an accredited ShedSafe provider:
  • We have formally committed to providing sheds designed to the Building Code of Australia
  • Our design processes are regularly reviewed by an independent expert
  • We have completed ShedSafe training
  • We stay abreast of changes to the Building Code of Australia
  • We agree to random audits of our design process and standards

Rest Assured - We're ShedSafe accredited!

Steelway, Fair Dinkum.

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