Importance of Compliant Engineering
All Dinky Di Sheds are Designed and Certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

    * Steel Connections Designed to Australian Standard(AS)1170.2. AS 4100 and AS4600.
    * Cold Formed Steel Members Designed to AS4600.
    * All steel sections material is a minimum of 450MPa steel.
    * Hot Roller Steel Members Designed to AS4100.
    * Foundations designed to AS2870.
    * Concrete designed to AS3600, and
    * Various other specialised components design to relevant standards.

  • 100% BlueScope Steel.
  • Full Selection of Colorbond colours to fit in with any existing design.
  • Up to a 15 year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Fully Galvanised Frame.
  • 550MPa Roof and Wall Sheeting.
  • 100% Australian Owned.
  • Products Manufactured in all states and territories.
       Some Standard Features Include:
  • a minimum of 450 mpa Australian made Bluescope steel on all sheds
  • a choice of hold down systems
  • Single and "back to back" columns and rafters available
  • 64/96/120mm Top Hats
  • 100/150mm Z Purlins
  • Bolted Brackets for portals, not welded or Tek screwed
  • Fully Wind Rated to relevant Areas
  • Galvanised steel frames
  • Variable Lengths, Widths and Heights available
  • Roof pitches of 11°, 15°, 22°, 30°,45° and Mansard Style available
  • High tensile steel used in frames
  • 15 year Warranty on Steel Products
  • Instruction Maunual and DVD with every shed.

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A Dinky Di portal frame sheds is very easy to erect. Designed with straight foreward simplicity in mind, all the frame just bolts together straight off the truck. Every shed comes with a professionaly detailed Construction Manual, 5 pages of A3 Engineering Plans with all Elevations and concrete specifications and a Construction DVD including a Roller Door installation video and a picture slideshow of framing examples for those builders who prefer to see real live pictures of framing and components.  Plus our well trained friendly staff are always available for you or your builder to talk to if you get stuck.

Extract from instruction manual.

Comprehensive building pack included with every shed purchase

DVD includes real life images of various Dinky Di sheds being constructed

A Guide to Temporary Bracing

Structural Design Computations - A must have, for your peace of mind.

You've probably heard a number of shed companies mention Engineering compliance of late. But what does this really mean?
Engineering compliance in essence means that the shed design complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). As the purchaser of a shed you need to assure yourself of the Engineering compliance of your building.
The Australian Steel Institutes Steel Shed Group has recently been reviewing shed designs to check for Engineering compliance, and have discovered some buildings recently sold have failed to meet the BCA requirements. In at least one case, the under design of the structural components was very significant.
So how do you ensure that your building purchase is compliant, and why should you trust Dinky Di Sheds?
It's really quite simple. You need to ask if a full set of Structural Design Computations -specific to your shed, are available when you pay a deposit. You should be able to expect this from any
reputable shed supplier. All Dinky Di Sheds now include a full set of Design Calculations with each shed sold at no extra cost - Hence, asking for a full set of Structural Design Computations for any standard shed will not cost you any more, and it provides the security that you, the consumer, require when you purchase a shed.
These calculations set out the checks that an Engineer has gone through in order to design your shed to meet the requirements of the BCA. The calculations are the proof that the Engineering work has been done.

These calculations should be accompanied by a set of site-specific plans and where necessary an engineering design certificate where required (Form 15 in QLD, Form 11 in Vic, etc).
If another shed company offers you the Engineering design certificate signed by an Engineer without the Structural Design Computations, still be sure to ask for the computations. As we have stated above, any reputable shed supplier should be able to provide them , if the Engineering work
has been completed.
Structural Design Computations are around 25 to 30 pages in length (dependent on the shed type and provided as a PDF document to look after the environment) and show a number of Engineering checks as required by the BCA and associated Australian Standards.
Getting a compliant shed is important; it provides peace of mind that your family and valuable possessions will be safe for years to come. Be sure to ask for a set of Structural Design Computations prior to ordering your next shed.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Dinky Di Sheds.

Shed Safe Accredited
Shed Safe Accredited