Habitable Sheds

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Dinky Di can supply the relevant engineering so that a shed is certified correctly under the building code of Australia and can then be fitted out as a liveable dwelling. We do not sell houses. We provide the rated shed kit only.

About a Liveable Shed Quote.

Dinky Di Sheds provide kit-set portal frame sheds (BCA Class 10a) that have been certified by an engineer as suitable for eventual use as a permanent dwelling (BCA Class 1a habitable). This includes all engineering documentation relevant to the steel structure only including foundation designs.
Any additional drafting, council submissions, certificates etc are not included.
We recommend the engagement of a town planner/certifier or qualified builder to assist with any other aspect of your project.

It is important that you understand there is a difference between a bells and whistles Kit Home and a Class 1a certified shed (as reflected in the price).

What we don't supply.

Windows unless specifically included in the quote including reveals and architraves.
Any internal walls, linings and openings unless specifically included in the quote.
Energy efficiency/fire reports etc.

Options that we can supply if required.

Drafting services that show your windows or doors on our plans to help with council submission.
Concrete/Slab specifications based on the soil classification provided to us by you.
Additional frame work/jams to support customer supplied openings.
Air-Cell Insulbreak 65 insulation to assist with energy efficiency reports.
Steel mezzanine floors

This is a basic and cheap steel building that can be finished off as a home by you or your builder.

Here is an example of a Class 1a ( liveable shed).
This photo shows a combination of timber and steel stud wall partitions. On the roof is Air-Cell insulation with Top-Hat lining battems running under the rafters.