Soliciting Advertisers Guidelines

All soliciting advertisers must submit materials via e-mail or Australia Post only, telephone calls will not be taken. Any advertiser attempting to telephone Dinky Di Sheds P/L will be  automatically dismissed from any and all future consideration.

All material submitted will be considered by the advertising manager and follow up phone calls or e-mails are not necessary. Any attempts to follow up will automatically disqualify advertisers from future consideration.

All material submitted must include independantly audited distribution data, rates, sample publication in either hard copy or scanned images, and full artwork specifications.

Dinky Di's commitment is first and foremost to our customers, advertisers who solicit via phone take valuable time and resources away from our paying customers, we therefore  request that the above guidelines are strictly adhered to at all times.

Advertisers may e-mail only or post information to the address found on our contact page.

Thank-you for your co-operation